The Brief History of the US Women’s Volleyball Team

Womens VolleyballVolleyball is one popular sport in the US, not the most favorite one but there are thousands of people enjoy taking part in our play this sport.

It is also an interesting fact that not so many people know that volleyball was born and invented in America. The exact date is unknown but it sure attracted a lot of attention and soon spread out all over the world.

Many people when they think about team sports such as baseball and football, they will automatically think about the male team. In fact, with these kinds of sports, people prefer to watch male teams playing against other teams rather than watching female teams fighting.

It is not true in case of the volleyball team. In America, Women’s volleyball team is more popular. They also achieve better and greater success. If you enjoy watching volleyball and start to have an interest in the US Women’s volleyball team, it is time you ditch down into the long history of the team for more knowledge.

Let’s first look back at the years from 1950 to around 1970

U.S. women's volleyball won't get a shot at gold medal after devastating loss |

  • The US women’s volleyball team first receive its medal in an international competition was in 1955. It won the championship over the Mexico team with a close score. This could be considered the first milestone for the US and marked its first success in the international score.
  • It might be surprised for many of us to know that although volleyball was born in the US, the US women’s national volleyball team only took part in the own world championship of its own sport in 1956. Of course, with little experience fighting in an international scope, the team could not bring back home any medal.
  • The Women’s volleyball team continues to attend other world championships in 1958 and 1960. However, when it was hosted by Russia in 1960, the team decided to refuse to attend that competition due to some political conflicts.
  • The next big standpoint for the Women’s volleyball team is in 1964. That was the first time the team attended the Olympic tournament. And it reached as far as obtaining the fifth place. When the team went to fight for the next Olympic Games in 1968, it did not receive any place significantly.

The next second big phase of the US Women’s volleyball team is from around 1970 to 1980


  • In 1971, due to failing to obtain the fourth position and above in the American Pan Games, the US women’s volleyball team could not get the ticket to participate in the Munich Olympics Games in 1972.
  • I have to say, this phase of the US women’s volleyball team is not the good one in the long duration of its history. The team failed constantly to receive a ticket to the Olympics Games. They also did not receive any medal when they attended the Pan American Games around they won with flying colors in various first games.
  • At the peak of its performance and ability during its time, it still refused to attend the Olympics Games, which once again was hosted in Russia.

Moving to the most recent years from 19980 to 2010, we will see what they have achieved

2016-17 PHSC Volleyball Team

  • After experiencing all of the hard times with a lot of failures, the team started to receive better results during these years.
  • The first biggest achievement of all, the team won the FI VB world championship over the Japan team. It was such a big achievement for all of the team as well as to the volleyball authority in America as the team could not be able to beat Japan during the past years.
  • In 1983, the US women’s volleyball team reached the top 10 global team. And for the first time after so many years waiting, people who love watching US women’s volleyball team started to think that they would have a greater chance to win the Olympics Games.
  • Sadly, although the team continued to win a lot of medal in the PAN world championships as well as other unofficial international competitions, the chance for the team to win the Olympic Games has not come yet.

Finally, here is what they achieved in the most recent years

  • They started to receive the silver medal for Olympic Games in 1984– the year when America hosted the event.
  • Later on, they proceeded to gain another bronze medal in the Olympics 1992 taken in Barcelona.
  • Another bronze medal they gained in the 2016 in Rio de Janeiro.
  • They have collected 3 silver medals of Olympics Games event for the following year – 1984 in America, 2008 in Beijing China and one more in 2012 in London UK.
  • One of the main events where they have been winning constantly is the FIVB world grand prix. There were a lot of win when the US women’s volleyball team joined in this competition. For example, they are the champion from 2010 to 2012 and gained another win in 2015.

Here is the brief history of the US Women’s Volleyball team. As you can see, the team has been through a lot of ups and downs. They also achieve a lot of medals and win a lot of championship but there are still many more competitions which are challenging for the team. And I, one of the biggest fan of the team, also hope that it is going to receive more in the future.

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