Mistakes When Using Camping Stove for Cooking

A camping stove is an indispensable item in field trips or traveling in the woods for several days; you can choose and buy different types of kitchens, as well as many products from many different brands.

No camping bottle valve after use, use a stove was rusty or food residue … more mistakes are potentially explosive.

No camping bottle valve after use

No camping bottle valve after use

Regular use camping stoves to cook food, but everyone in her family has a habit of not strangle Mary Bottled camping van immediately after use. “Partly because lazy roar reached into the cabinet to the valve camping. Moreover, I think camping just off the kitchen is no longer escape should make no danger,” Mary explained.

Jenifer even though not so careless like that, but because it does not save it see the kitchen, as well as conductors, spends almost seven years old. You worry to replace the kitchen but thought likely to cause fire is not high, so she still used the old camping stove. “Since then no incident should not replace anything yet. For the test I do not see the leak, scratching anything,” the young mother not justifies replacement of the camping stove and a new conductor.

According to his observations Tom, an expert on liquefied petroleum gas, due to the narrow area of the city, most households in the city located on the corner camping average airtight stove. This is the most common mistake because most of the dangerous accidents occur when using camping stoves, camping average in a closed room.

“If the average gas leak, the gas will spread slightly, push the oxygen out of all, easy to cause asphyxia. Moreover the event of a fire, the CO2 generated in a closed room easily make a choking victim before died of fire, “he commented.

Safety guidelines when using cooking gas with nearly 10 years experience working in the field of safe use of LPG, Tom recommends people should follow some safety guidelines when using cooking gas as follows:

  • Choose to buy camping stoves from the company, reputable dealer. Avoid buying used camping equipment, camping stove in the shop “unknown” because it might be the product is counterfeit or copied the famous brand. New camping stove must be properly loaded volume recorded on cylinders, no surplus or deficit than 0.1 kg. Observed with the naked eye, it shall remain intact, no scratches, no rusty or dented distortion.
  • Put in place clear camping stove, camping gas is heavier than air, so when escaping will spill to the ground, so below average cupboard space for camping should be open. Camping stove must be within 1 to 1.5 m. Although the house is not set too narrow camping right under the kitchen stove. Book a camping kitchen cabinet doors should always be open or removed completely for easy observation, avoid nesting or mouse to gnaw pipes.
  • Stand for the kitchen should be made of non-flammable material. As recommended, the kitchen should put at least 15 cm away from the wall, the ceiling from 1 to 1.5 m, a 1.5 m electrical equipment. Not for anything, including the kitchen foot pipe fell on camping.
  • Use camping stove for cooking up the valve at the top of the previous average for camping in the pipeline to burn out and then turn off the stove. Some people have the habit of cooking; just off the kitchen alone is not sufficient but necessary valve immediately camping average. In fact, many cases are not locked van camping average, gas is always full of wires, for a long time or overnight conductors are rats, camping gas will leak out, and having a spark will start a fire that the owner does not return promptly hand.flipping through the manual cast iron cooking a portable wood stove
  •  Clean the stove and camping equipment used regularly. The new kitchen should be replaced if the old kitchen was rusty, shoddy. Often the cause of the gas explosion occurred when camping cylinders leaked by perforation, valve leaking, wires were rats … Special pipes division camping is “sensitive” prone to leakage, should best after 3 to 5 years of use, people should voluntarily replace.
  • Periodically check the camping equipment that can be used to apply soapy water to the tanks, valves, pipes camping, if there is abnormal bubbles rise, possibly where the leak was.
  •  Gas is colorless gas, odorless, tasteless, but when produced, it is mixed with additives to user’s odor recognizable if the gas is leaked. When this characteristic smells, especially at night, people have a habit of light or lighter to check the camping stove. However, experts recommend fire safety, the gas ignited by very sensitive to light, fan, the cell phone can emit sparks, inflammable gas encountered.
  • Hence the need to do in this case is to open the door for ventilation to fly out of natural gas, reducing the concentration of combustion air in the kitchen, if the smell more than the concentration anonymously, should inform the sales agent for camping stoves handling advice immediately.
  • Do not use camping stoves tourism reloaded. Do not use a too large cooking pot with mini camping stove because bosses can fire down the average, many potential dangers.
  •  If possible, should be mounted gas leak detectors small closet near the kitchen stove and camping accessories, 25 cm from the floor. The cost of this device on the market range from 10 to 30 dollars a

In case of a fire incident, people should calm down and perform the following steps:

  • Close gas source immediately.
  • If there is no fire extinguisher, use thick cloth soaked blanket government or extinguish the fire.

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