Golf Rangefinders That Will Make Your Game Better!

In the golf game, the distance is the most important points to determine the result of a golfer in the course.

As a player, no one prevents you from estimating the distance before shooting, but your eyes cannot calculate the exact points! You need to practice your own skills to swing and control the golf club only.

Let the estimating job for a professional tool to help you reach the right distance. But, how can you find the true golf rangefinders from tons of products on the current market? If you are in a hurry to be able to read through our guide on finding the best GPS golf, refer to some golf GPS comparison of my favorite blogs at Ubergolf or Golf-Monthly

Benefits of using the right golf rangefinders

1. Increase the speed of the course

With a rangefinder, it enables to help you calculate the accurate distances to any point you want to challenge. These tools will support you save much time to estimate the distances when using markers. On the one hand, the speed of all club selections is so quick when you have already known what range you need to hit.

2. Improve your confidence

By removing any stuff about the distance and the club when you need to use, a golf rangefinder will assist you to enhance your confidence with every shot when making. If you have any problem when taking a shot, you can still do the best with the average distance from each club.

3. Collect databases easily

A golf rangefinder does not only tell you the distance in the flag or green, it is also helpful to become a database collection tool. When you get more database sources, you will know more things to improve your swing on the course. Hence, you can have the chance to develop your overall performance greatly.

Things to consider a golf rangefinder

Like the Bushnell Golf GPS as a great example, We have listed out some factors that you can choose the best golf rangefinder right away.

1. Main features

A golf rangefinder is one of the most important to select. You should check all features in this product; especially when it comes to the certain features. Do not forget to think of the category when you are looking.

Model, price tag, size, and shape are some key things to take into account when purchasing a golf rangefinder. It is also lightweight with solid construction and compact size so that you can bring it anywhere you want to.

2. Accurate level

In fact, the accurate level is the key feature of a golf rangefinder to estimate the quality of it. Most accurate level ranges from a half of a yard. When you catch this level, the point of perfection is on your hand.

3. Display

A high-quality golf rangefinder also has a great display, the number of readouts, and the quality of aiming the right point.

4. Speed level

As mentioned before, a golf rangefinder can increase your speed when you swing the golf club because you know the exact targeted point! However, a slow golf rangefinder will make a bad delay in taking the right targets and you absolutely lose the game!

Maintain the golf rangefinder

A golf rangefinder is the best friend of you on the golf course if you also recognize how to maintain and take care of this tool.

  • Do not make it fall on the surface. Due to falling, the devices will become a dull product even if they are made of solid material parts.
  • After using, you should clean it regularly. Dirt debris can appear on the device through the golf course and these particles can damage the rangefinder. Use a soft cloth or a piece of cotton to clean all parts of the device.

Always keep the device away from the moist environment and put them into a case to be protected. Be sure to remove the water from the chambers of the rangefinder.

  • Always wear the case for your device. These cases should be strong and waterproof to keep your rangefinder stay safe and the quality as well.
  • Do not forget to pay attention to the battery source of the tool. You should clean the battery chamber all the time; especially after using.
  • Usually, keep the device in a secure place so that children cannot take it and throw it away. The tool can break or some parts can fall apart.
  • When your golf rangefinder is not running precisely, be sure to bring it to a service center or an experienced technician for help. Do not try to repair the problem by yourself.


Even though you see lots of products available on the market, you enable to find out the right rangefinder for your own situation through some key points. And you have already known these points have been displayed above. Try to distinguish between a rangefinder for hunting and a product for playing golf. It is quite easy to think these are the similar one at all.


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